Messages From Father Steve

Messages From Father Steve

The Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time June 23, 2024

Posted by Nancy Carrizales on 6/22/24

Right now, you and I are only worried about one of only two things: wind or water. Bear with me. This week we hear the account ofthe terrified disciples waking Jesus in a seastorm. He chastises them for their lack of faith, and then, “rebuking the wind, he said ... Read More »

The Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time June 16, 2024

Posted by Nancy Carrizales on 6/14/24


Congratulations and Blessings to our 8 young children who received Jesus in His Real Presence in their First Holy Communion over the last two weekends! God bless all of our younger children who received the Sacrament of Eucharist for the first time this month. Please pray for ... Read More »

The Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time June 9, 2024

Posted by Nancy Carrizales on 6/07/24

Jesus asks us a stunning question this week: “How can Satan cast out Satan?” To enter into this question opens up the often-hidden dynamics of what Jesus has done and is constantly doing. If we’re honest, our response to some degree is: “How else can we cast him out? ... Read More »

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ June 2, 2024

Posted by Nancy Carrizales on 6/01/24

The best way to understand the Eucharist is to recall God’s long, careful teaching process beginning in the Old Testament. This week in Exodus 24, we learn the basic pattern. Moses reads the dictates of God’s law to the people, who profess their allegiance to it. Then Moses takes ... Read More »

The Solemnity of the Holy Trinity May 26, 2024

Posted by Nancy Carrizales on 5/24/24

Once I was at a meeting with representatives of various religions. On a coffee break, a man from another religion mused to me: “You know, with all our differences, all religions are really about being good people.” I lowered my cappuccino and said as warmly as Icould, “That’s not ... Read More »

Pentecost Sunday May 19, 2024

Posted by Nancy Carrizales on 5/17/24

When I was twenty-two years of age in August of 2000, I experienced World Youth Day in Rome. As for many of my generation, the event was life-changing for me. Surrounded by joyful, hope-filled young people from seemingly every nation and tongue, we were gathered around the Pope, sharing ... Read More »

The Seventh Sunday of Easter May 12, 2024

Posted by Nancy Carrizales on 5/11/24

A few months ago, I had the singular privilege of a private meeting with Pope Francis. We were a small group of pastors, composed largely of non-Catholics. The Holy Father wished to discuss our work for Christian unity. The phrase I remember him saying with greatest frequency was: Tutti ... Read More »

The Fifth Sunday of Easter April 28, 2024

Posted by Nancy Carrizales on 4/27/24

My friend and fellow pastor, Father Paul, noticed unsightly, overgrown trees near his parish church. He asked the maintenance crew to cut back the growth, which they happily did, telling him the trees would be much healthier and even fuller after a good pruning. A few days later, Father ... Read More »

The Fourth Sunday of Easter April 21, 2024

Posted by Nancy Carrizales on 4/20/24

Recently I was with my little dog Libby at a retreat center in the Arizona desert. I sat in a chair near a ravine filled with shrubs. Unbeknownst to me, Libby wandered down there and disappeared. Suddenly an animal’s wild shriek erupted from the area.Without thinking, I bolted down ... Read More »

The Second Sunday of Easter April 7, 2024

Posted by Nancy Carrizales on 4/06/24

A protestant pastor friend of mine was invited to meet Pope Francis with a group of other pastors. He noticed the Pope’s chair was especially ornate and set at the head of the group. He somewhat playfully said, “Holy Father, why do you get that special chair?” The group ... Read More »


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