Colbert House


Making a Place to Gather and Grow



Mission Statement:

To serve the community by providing a gathering place at the Colbert House to enhance the quality of life in our community through nourishing spiritual growth, giving hope and providing outreach in partnerships with other organizations and with the communities served

Visions Statement:

To maintain the Colbert House as part of the St. James community to be used as an interfaith gathering space for educational and spiritual growth and outreach purposes, and to continue making a difference in people’s lives.

Looking to the Future

The new Mission and Vision for the Colbert House is an opportunity for the St. James community to revitalize the parish and parish life. In addition, these basic tenets provide a platform for us to continue making a difference in many people's lives and also provide an opportunity to build a stronger community within our church. The users of the Colbert House will evolve over time. 

The initial major categories of use of the building are:

Counseling: Organizational & Planning Meetings: Education/Study Groups Housing/Reflection
  • Baptism classes for new parents
  • Pre-Cana and marriage classes for newly engaged couples
  • Bereavement counseling and bereavement groups
  • Married couples -anniversary celebrations
  • Various other counseling groups
  • Church Committee Meetings
  • Interfaith meetings
  • Small Tri-Parish functions
  • Non-profit organization business meetings or satellite site for their activities
  • RCIA Instructions 
  • Celebratory dinners for RCIA Candidates
  • Adult continuing religious education
  • Catholic Movies
  • Catholic Education Programs
  • Bible Study
  • Use as an alternative residence for the priest in the event of problems with the current rectory
  • Housing for visiting priests, nuns, missionaries, seminarians, and other denominations (short term)
  • Retreats for visiting Priests, nuns, and organizations
  • Guest Ministry
  • Caring Card ministry for parishioners, veterans' groups, etc

The Colbert House committee which is charged with the administration and financing responsibilities for the building is always open to new ideas, and recommendations related to the use of, or fundraising for the building. 

Grow, Serve, Give

Retention of the Colbert House allows for a new mission and Vision but just as importantly brings new financial responsibilities. All expenses incurred for the Colbert House must be financed from funds that are independent from normal Church operating funds. In addition, a reserve needs to be established that will properly finance unexpected incurred expenses that are not budgeted and will allow for financing of future planned major repairs and/or renovations. An annual budget will be developed based on historical Colbert House operating expenses plus reserve requirements. Thus a strong and varied fundraising program will be necessary.

The Colbert House committee has determined that the primary fundraising activity will be an annual campaign during which contributions will be solicited from the community. The annual campaign will be supplemented by additional fundraising events or activities held throughout the Church fiscal year (July to June). These fundraising efforts will determine the future viability for the retention of the Colbert Hosue over the longer term. The parish community is requested to be as generous as their means permit in support of these fundraising activities. In addition, please consider offering your time and talents to assist with the endeavors. Available for download for your use is a Colbert House Donor/Supporter Form that we ask each donor to complete and submit with their donation.


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 Colbert House 2023 Annual Report