Bereavement Ministry


The members of the Bereavement Ministry, as a part of the Faith Community of the CCNCC, gather together with the family and friends of a deceased Christian to share in their grieving process as they remember and celebrate the life of the deceased in the context of prayer and Christ’s love. Prayer and gestures shared with family and friends serve to bring together both the fact of their loss and our faith in the loving mercy of God.

Contact Us to Make Arrangements

In the event of a loss of a loved one call the Parish Office at 518-758-9401 to make arrangements. A member of the Bereavement Ministry will contact you shortly thereafter, to assist in planning all aspects of the funeral rites.

The Order of Christian Funerals- A Tradition of Faith

Sacramental rituals play a significant role in the lives of Christians and in their coming together as a Faith Community.  Our life in faith begins with the waters of Baptism, is nurtured at the Eucharistic table, and strengthened by the Holy Spirit in Confirmation.  In death, the bonds forged in life are not broken. Rather, as part of our Faith Community, we experience Christ’s healing presence and recognize that death is not the end but a celebration of life as Christ made possible by his resurrection.

When a death occurs the rituals of the Christian Funeral enable the Faith Community to gather to begin the grieving process by remembering and celebrating the life of the deceased, by comforting one another, and by acknowledging that even in death, God is there.  It is through these rituals that continuing love and care for the deceased can be expressed while also nurturing the process of letting go and relinquishing the loved one to God’s care and mercy.  No one is left to face grief and pain alone. 

It is appreciated that the grief experienced with the loss of a loved one reflects the confirmation of that love.  The family of the deceased should be involved in the planning of the funeral rites including the vigil (wake), funeral liturgy, and the committal. They should be encouraged to assist in whatever way they deem appropriate. This enables them to express and share their sorrow and grief with others in the Faith Community thereby affording all the opportunities for personal and spiritual growth that only grief provides.