Diocesan Appeal

Diocesan Appeal Goals

Thank you again to all who have generously donated to the annual Diocesan Appeal. As you can see, we are at or above 50% towards our assessments in each of our parishes.  During this season of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving, would you please pray about making a pledge or donation to this year’s request.  An additional box this week (and going forward will be the amounts still needed to make our assessment.  As you can see, with a little effort, we should be able to meet these amounts As previously stated, any amount not raised by the end of June, will need to be paid out of our operating or other funds. To donate online or for more information, please go to https://thediocesanappeal.org/ (Please ensure you choose one of our three parishes, so we get the proper credit towards our assessments.)  Thank you and God Bless, Fr. Steve 


FY 22 - 23

Actual $

Remaining Balance

Participation %

Goal Donor %

Actual Donors #

Donors Actual %

St. Joseph
Stuyvesant Falls

$9,900 $4,833 $5,067 49% 32% 64 26%
St James
$32,300 $17,505 $14,795 54% 40% 58 13%
St John the Baptist
$35,500 $25,185 $10,015 72% 25% 62 8%