CCNCC Upcoming Events

St. John the Baptist Bethlehem Tree

Bethlehem Tree Tags will be available on the tree in the space near the kitchen will be available November 25. Each tag has a name and a gift request. Clothing sizes are included when appropriate. We ask that all UNWRAPPED gifts be returned no later than Sunday, December 10. Gifts will be bagged and tagged on Tuesday evening,
December 12 at 6 pm. Mark your calendars to join in the fun!

St. James Giving Tree

The Giving Tree at St. James is in the Gathering Space this weekend with gift tags available. Wrapped gifts with tags attached should be returned by Sunday, December 10. Your generosity will help to bring a bright Christmas to school children, hospice patients, elderly needy, and a few members of private families including migrant families.

St. James “Adopt-A-Family"

The Church of St. Joseph will participate in Catholic Charities’ Adopt-A-Family Christmas program.  Information has been requested, and once received, will be available on our Giving Tree in the gathering space.  Any questions, please call/text Nancy Leonard (518) 821-8651 or Sharon Getty (518) 929-4448.

St. James “Adopt-A-Family"

If you would like to adopt a family this Christmas, please call OutReach at (518) 929-4369. The extent of commitment is at the donor's discretion. St. James parishioners usually adopt one or two dozen families each year. Sometimes donors decide to provide for children only, or offer fixings for a Christmas meal (breakfast or dinner), or engage in some other agreed-upon arrangement. Please consider helping to share Christmas with our neighbors.

Seminarian Christmas Gift Cards

As we have done in previous years, we will be collecting Gift Cards for our seminarians. As you may know, while their tuition, room and board are paid for by the diocese, they receive very little else in financial support during the year. Giving them a gift card to a local gas station or pharmacy or Target for $5, $10, $15 or $20 can be very helpful for them. Please place the gift card(s) in an envelope marked for Fr. Steve - Seminarian Christmas Fund and he will ensure that each seminarian receives the same amount. (A word or two of encouragement and prayer is also very much appreciated.) Each of our three parishes are collecting for our seminarians and gift cards can be placed in the collection basket, under the Giving or Bethlehem Tree or at the office. Thank you for your generosity. God Bless.