Colbert House Retention Plan

To the Parish Communities of St. James, St. John the Baptist and St. Joseph:

Below is the Recommended Plan for Retention of The Colbert House. This document represents months of planning and discussion by lay volunteers from each parish in the tri-parish CCNCC community, who presented this plan to Father Steve on June 5, 2022 for his consideration. This comprehensive document addresses recommended uses, financing, oversight and administration, and committee membership. It is not a static document, however, but a well-considered first step in a plan that will evolve over time in areas of priority use and funding.

The Colbert House Committee has met with Father Steve to discuss his recent decision on the proposed uses. He has agreed to reconsider his decision that was announced on July 10, 2022. The Committee is currently revisiting the recommendations in the Plan to establish a more concise priority order of recommended uses.

On behalf of St. James Parish, the Colbert House Committee wishes to thank all those involved in this process from our three parishes.

Comments, questions or concerns may be forwarded to the Colbert House Committee mailbox by clicking here.


The Colbert House Committee

Operational and Administration Committee Members                                                                                          

Donna Piche – St. James
Malia Mossman – St. James
Maria Lull – St. James
James Forster – St. James
Regina Boyce – St. John the Baptist
Joan Dolan – St. John the Baptist
Dianne Ives – St. Joseph
Martha Pizza – St. Joseph 


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