The Center for Faith Enrichment (CFE)
Of the Interfaith Community of Northern Columbia County 

The CFE offers programs and experiences for all adults, young adults and families seeking ways to live as people of faith in a demanding and ever-changing world. Sponsored by St. James Church, with participation by our sister churches, St John the Baptist, St. Joseph’s, the Chatham Synagogue, the Quakers and local Protestant congregations, CFE is committed to broad spiritual inquiry through the engagement of diverse perspectives, cultures and expressions. CFE approaches the quest for grace and mystery in our lives through constructive conversation within and between participating congregations and engagement with the wider community.

Programs and Events

Faith enrichment is focused on sharing through discussion groups, book clubs, film and lectures on Scripture, Science and Religion, Social Justice, Comparative Religion, Fine and Performing Arts and Liturgy.

Programs sponsored by the Chatham Synagogue, the Quakers and Protestant congregations are noted in our Church bulletin and website.

For further information, questions, suggestions, please contact us