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7PM Monday, 3/27 & 4PM Sunday, 4/2:
Special Screenings of
“In Viaggio: The Travels of Pope Francis”
at the Crandell Theater, Chatham

IN VIAGGIO: THE TRAVELS OF POPE FRANCIS is a decade-long chronicling of the travels of Pope Francis across all corners of the world. In the first nine years of his pontificate, Pope Francis made trips to 53 countries, focusing on his most important issues: poverty, migration, environment, solidarity, and war. Director Gianfranco Rosi follows the Pope's Stations of the Cross and creates a dialogue between archival footage of Francis' travels and images taken by Rosi himself. “In Viaggio” means “En Route”— why not continue your Lenten journey at a screening of this fascinating and inspiring documentary at our own Crandell Theater in Chatham on a Monday evening or Palm Sunday afternoon? We’ll be there!